The FlexRake

The Duperon FlexRake is simple, consisting of three basic components: a powerful drive head, a durable raking device, and a rugged barscreen. This simplicity is possible through the multi-functioning action of the FlexLink. This clever patented design allows the link to function as a frame, lower sprocket, and connection point for scrapers. This also allows the entire unit to be driven by a single sprocket.


As you can see, when the FlexRake encounters large objects such as tires, logs, and drums, it simply "flexes" around them.
Pivoting Mounting:
In the standard model FlexRake, if a tire or other large object comes between the rake and intake screen, the mounting assembly pivots forward as illustrated, allowing the object to travel the face of the screen.

How the FlexRake works...

Step 1
The FlexLink articulates to a 90 degree angle, closing on the drive pin. Once closed, the sprocket drives the link system forward.
Step 1
As it leaves the drive sprocket, the FlexLink locks into a solid bar, forming its own frame. (It works similarly to a knee or elbow.)
Step 1
As the FlexLink chain and attached scrapers reach the bottom of the screen, the FlexLink forms its own lower sprocket.
Step 1
Once the links turn to travel up the screen, they are engineered to allow clearance around the pin and water lubrication, allowing stainless on stainless movement without gouging or wear.
Step 1
Industry-exclusive full-penetration technology features scrapers designed to clean 3 sides of the bar, as well as horizontal cross members.
Step 1
Multiple scrapers placed every 21 inches continuously rake the barscreen. With screen head loss minimized, some sites report a 3x greater capture rate than with their previous machines.