Patented FlexLink™ technology effortlessly removes debris of all sizes without interruption. Instead of complex mechanisms requiring reversal of mass, proximity switches and shutdowns, the FlexRake® continually and reliably removes debris in a wide range of conditions. No alarms, no operators, no fuss.
The Duperon FlexRake is simple, consisting of three basic components: a powerful drive head, durable raking device, and a rugged bar screen. This simplicity is possible through the multi-functioning action of the FlexLink. This clever patented design allows the link to function as a frame, lower sprocket, and connection point for scrapers. Additionally, this technology allows the rake to be driven by a single sprocket.

Bottom line: simplicity works when it achieves a simple cleaning mechanism with trouble-free longevity.
Patented FlexLink design creates its own frame, lower sprocket, and scraper connection point, eliminating the need for a lower sprocket and the common problems that come with it.
  • No lower sprocket means no drive shaft, drive sprockets, or bearings requiring in-channel lubrication.
  • No tracks, gaskets, seals or other close tolerances prone to wear due to grit.
  • No underwater maintenance means no divers and no dewatering… all operations performed above the deck.
Powerful drive lifts up to 1,000 lbs. Duperon's use of premium efficiency Sumitomo Cyclo gearmotors eliminates the abrasive sliding contact utilized by most gear systems. Unique rolling contact provides for 5 year maintenance schedules, freeing the maintenance or operations crew to manage other demands.
Duperon utilizes materials of construction that assure the highest duty of performance. The FlexRake is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials such as steel, coated with a moisture-cured coal tar urethane or hot-dipped galvanizing, and UHMW. The rakes are designed such that the pressures and velocities exerted by both the equipment and its environment aid its function and extend the life cycle of the FlexRake.
Each scraper is easily adapted so that each revolution manages a specific type of debris. It's simple to modify: a change of 4 bolts, all from the deck.
The FlexLink design utilizes a stainless steel link system to create a frame, lower sprocket, and scraper connection point. With 33,000 lb. yield and 60,000 lb. break point, it forms a chain that is stronger and more hard-wearing than any other in the industry. That's strength where it's needed most!